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SUN TRADE HOUSE designs, supplies and installs modular Porta cabins of many types like Offices, Conference Rooms, Security Cabins, Stores accommodations with kitchens, attached bathrooms and any combinations to suit the client.


Best Quality Providers

SUN TRADE HOUSE has positioned itself strongly in the Global market. Our product range includes Manufacturing of low cost Residential Accommodations, Site offices, Portable cabins/containers. Security cabins and other customer need specific structures.

Special Services


SUN TRADE HOUSE provides space solutions on board Indian naval ships for modular accommodation, kitchen & galley, sickbay, dining hall, ward room, officer's cabins, sailors mess, toilets, bath rooms in addition to various storage needs for marine vessels.


  The photovoltaic sector today constitutes one of the most widely used forms of renewable energy and one of the most well-known forms of sustainable investment SUN TRADE HOUSE,conscious of the importance of photovoltaic as a tool oriented towards respect for the environment has developed in its line of products, a pre-fabricated module equipped with panels, structures, switchboards, batteries and wiring predisposed for the production of electricity.

The photovoltaic panels are mounted on the roof of this revolutionary prefabricated module. The components used allow a high yield per m² thanks to the use of high-yield prismatic glass panels. In addition, this system, thanks to the overall arrangement of the wiring and internal electrical lines, can be easily mounted thanks to the structures of roof hooks that allow, in a very short space of time, perfect mounting installation to have the module ready for use.

Particularly interesting for all those works in areas without electrical lines are the SUN TRADE HOUSE prefabricated photovoltaic modules, also available for many other applications.

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